Developing stakeholder relationships through qualitative and quantitative research solutions.

Building a trusted relationship with stakeholders can be a challenging process within any organisation. Understanding what drives and motivates them can ultimately define your success or failure.

At TTi Global, we support UK and overseas organisations develop and carry out in-depth research with a broad range of stakeholders and opinion formers.

Our research services help establish stakeholder requirements and perceptions, and include a combination of high-quality qualitative and quantitative research that enables organisations to:

Green tick bullet Have a clearer understanding and deeper development of effective organisational positioning strategies

Green tick bullet Assess the efficiency of both internal and external communications

Green tick bullet Examine stakeholder’s understanding and opinions

Green tick bullet Measure overall reputation in line with competitors

Green tick bullet By defining a trusted relationship with stakeholders, you will be able to not only establish your corporate reputation effectively, but you will also have a better understanding of your stakeholder’s needs, and will build and maintain a stronger, more transparent relationship as a result.


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