Tailored Employee Research solutions that drive engagement and maximise business results.

Employees are the most valuable asset of any business. At TTi Global, we recognise the impact that employees can have on an organisation, and understand the importance of measuring staff engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

We have designed unrivalled research frameworks which provide insights into the satisfaction and engagement drivers within a workforce.

Our Employee Engagement Quality Analysis (EEQA) offers a fully customised employee survey which is tailored for individual organisations and its employees.

By working with you, we will determine the most important questions that you need to be asking your employees, allowing you to fully comprehend the root cause of any dissatisfaction.

We measure factors such as employee engagement, staff recognition, work/life balance, and progression opportunities. Based on our research, we then provide you with informative, actionable insights that effectively strengthens customer service skills, increases productivity and retention, and impacts overall staff engagement, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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