Applying skills, problem solving, and managing change whilst on-the-job and at the point of need.

Delivering results within the engineering, manufacturing and energy sectors, our technical training solutions leverage both a resource and task-based approach, resulting in increased productivity and decreased training time.

Our technical performance support adopts an approach that assists users at the point of need whilst performing on-the-job tasks. Unlike traditional formats and mandatory training, our solution delivers a quicker adoption of skills and increased efficiencies.

Learning architecture design

Learning architecture design allows you to focus your training investment on measurable performance improvement that maximises ROI. Our approach promotes enablement where competency and proficiency set the new standard. We recognise and leverage how and when your workforce learns through:


Green tick bulletPerformance Management

Green tick bulletCompetency Frameworks

Green tick bulletTraining Needs and Job Task Analysis

Green tick bulletAssessment Strategies

Green tick bulletCurriculum Design

Custom content development

By combining user-centric design and best practice instructional design, our digital solutions deliver realistic learning experiences. Our breadth of digital capability ensures your business challenge is addressed through:


Green tick bulletAesthetically branded consumer grade experiences

Green tick bulletAn innovative approach and use of technologies

Green tick bulletAgile and scalable processes, teams and locations



Learning modalities

Find out which modalities we’re using to deliver performance support at the point of need.


Man using augemented reality on a mobile device
Man wearing VR goggles working on an engine
Woman wearing VR goggles & 3D image
Man using an electronic technial manual

Augmented Reality

  • Virtual objects overlaid in the real-world environment. Wearable or smart device.
  • This format excels at on-the-job support in manufacturing, testing and inspection.
  • We’re using it to drive instructorless training on industrial equipment and support field maintenance procedures.

Virtual Reality

  • ​Fully artificial digital environments. Headset or computer based. Enterprise usage is suited to simulate hard to reach, complex or expensive environments.
  • This format allows your workforce to practise key skills in a safe and repeatable environment.
  • We’re using VR to translate competence to the real world: safety hazard training, increasing manufacturing performance and interview screening skills.

360 video

  • Capturing the workplace with real-life footage. Immersing users with VR goggles.
  • Suited to safety critical, hazardous or hard to reach areas this format is often more cost effective and great for onboarding or first-time learning.
  • We’re utilising 360 video to support environments or equipment that are not available or easily accessible.

Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)

  • Our IETMs are developed as fully responsive HTML5 products and are commonly packaged as an App.
  • This format delivers critical information in the field to operators, maintainers and engineers.
  • With animations and video that simplify complex procedures, we create IETMs that include interactive decision trees used for fault diagnosis.

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