We recognise the importance of improving your operational readiness and achieving operational excellence.

When developing and supporting talent management programmes, companies should focus on reducing errors, leveraging technology, and human performance support. Whilst technology and processes facilitate the success of employees, it is equally as important to recognise that the way they are trained and how they adapt to their environment can also enable or restrict their success.

By questioning what training works best for your business, and defining what tools and technologies work well for your people, GP Strategies can determine how to support your business.

As your company grows, human performance and workforce development becomes increasingly important. We will help you develop your operational readiness and achieve excellence through our human performance solutions:


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Upfront assessments

Organisations must assess the capabilities of its employees if they are to implement an overall human performance improvement or operational excellence strategy.

We have the experience and capabilities to identify your workforce’s skills gap, and can assess and evaluate employees with varying levels of skills and knowledge through our customisable assessment process.

We provide an extensive range of assessments that target areas of improvement. Our operational excellence assessments create a clear picture on what needs to be focused on, and helps your company achieve its KPIs.

Through our asset performance management, you can determine the importance of each piece of equipment, as well as the training that goes with operating it. We also offer craft skills courseware and training to evaluate the competency level of your maintenance workforce, and determine where their skill gaps lie.

Work based learning/Apprenticeships

Over time, your business will be challenged with replacing an aging workforce. We have developed customised apprenticeship programmes to internalise your businesses maintenance training and deliver a consistent pool of highly trained and qualified talent.

Technical colleges can also benefit from our programmes, equipment, experienced instructors, and educational tools too for student use.

Industrial training workstations

Our full line of industrial training workstations are designed to support the development of maintenance professionals, and specifically help your workforce learn and apply knowledge, experience, and skills required to be successful in their roles.


GPiLEARN provides a comprehensive solution to achieve your workforce performance goals. A powerful learning management system, it combines industry specific content and customisation to meet your business needs, and supports online, instructor-led and hands-on content.

Through GPiLEARN, management can review the performance of their employees with business intelligence, workforce analysis, and benchmarking assessments. You will also have the ability to compare your business’ performance against competitors and other companies in your industry.

Custom technical training

We understand that every organisation is different, which is why we deliver customised technical training to address your specific challenges, and decide on the most appropriate training methodologies. These range from either hands-on training, to classroom training, or a blended learning approach.

PRECISION training strategy

GP Strategies’ PRECISION maintenance training strategy deploys training for a technical training audience that supports the development of the next generation of skilled workers. The process focuses on planning, recollection, example videos, class activities, interactive screens, safety information, instructor resources, on-the-job training, and navigation for instructors.

Documentation development

Documentations, job aids, procedures, control diagrams, and system descriptions are the keys to providing a safe, consistent, and repeatable method for performing certain job tasks. Our procedure and documentation development services drive safety, efficiency, and continuous process improvements, ensuring your procedures and documentation are promptly and accurately developed.