California Air Resources Board (CARB)


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To establish a competent and professional pool of verifiers, with the personnel and material capacity, to undertake verification of the reports, provided by reporters under AB32. 

Verifiers also required awareness of the potential implications of moving from a mandatory reporting model to one where reporters would be subject to a cap and trade system. 

Therefore, the need for a comprehensive training and accreditation programme for GHG verifiers was recognised.

Training content, associated workshops and accreditation exams for the programme were required.


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Support provided included:

  • Consultancy on programme design/structure 
  • Design and management of the interactive workshops for verifiers
  • Consultancy and guidance on the implications of cap/trade schemes for verifiers, reporters/regulators
  • Design/delivery of general stationary combustion verifier training clarifying AB32  requirements
  • Design/delivery of sector specialist training for refinery, cement and electricity transactions
  • Creation of accreditation exam materials and the provision of training manuals, reference materials, electronic handouts and online resource documents.


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By the end of June 2009, we had successfully created and delivered the GHG verifier training programme and accredited (with CARB) more than 200 GHG verifiers in the state of California.

An eight year working partnership continues. Due to the effective execution of this solution, this project is still being delivered.



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