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Transformational change

A leading fashion and fragrance business had recognised their need for transformational change, much like many other organisations today. They also realised that their leadership teams would be crucial in moving the transformation from concept to action.

Team’s ability to adapt - mind-set

The Senior Vice President for EMEA wanted their team to understand how they needed to adapt to change. There was a realisation that what had led to their success to date was not what was needed to get them to grow their markets, and they had to adopt a different mind-set both individually and collectively.

Diversity, innovation and dealing with conflict

Originating from a homogenous company, they needed a step-change. The leadership teams were not finding innovative enough solutions, and weren’t listening to diverse points of view to generate fresh ideas. Building capability in how to disagree constructively was required.

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We started working with the EMEA executive team, and then with each of the senior leaders and their leadership teams in Italy, Spain, Benelux, France, Germany, Russia, and Middle East.

Adding value in four spaces: working together: working apart; managing the current business; and leading transformational change.

Not an event but an every day living process: the team coaching process was aimed at helping the whole team to improve their collective performance and how they work together, not only when they met as a team, but in their every day business.

Team leadership skills and techniques: Over a nine month period, we provided pragmatic team leadership skills and techniques to ensure that the teams became more capable in increasing their trust, collaboration, and ability to name difficult issues without judgement. The idea was to enable the teams to ultimately function without a coach.

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Collective accountability

Team members shifted from driving their own functional area to being collectively accountable and working collaboratively to execute the strategic priorities linked to change regarding their brands, digitalisation, and innovation with key customers.


The team became proficient in interacting with increased capability in supporting and challenging each other constructively, deliberately, and without judgement.

Delivering on commitments

Team members started working and connecting with each other between meetings to deliver on their commitments for EMEA results rather than country success.