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The Havas talent management team recognised that supporting its employees, particularly those in leadership roles, was an important area of focus.

The team wanted to maintain motivation and creativity within employees in order to continue to contribute to the organisation’s and clients’ success.

They had a goal to provide greater exposure and connections at the Havas executive level.


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In order to achieve the goals to enhance leadership skills of programme participants and establish a network of supportive relationships at work, the programme consisted of several elements to include:

- Emotional Intelligence and peer feedback during initial phase

- One-to-one executive coaching

- Mentorship with a Havas executive

- Leadership Development Workshops

- Coaching Circles

- Peer feedback and emotional intelligence and leadership assessments

- Active programme management

- Senior leader support


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The Developing Leaders @ Havas programme was initiated in 2015 and has grown in size and scope with each subsequent year. It has received meaningful positive feedback and resulted in an increase in the leadership scores of its participants: 

- 87.5% of programme survey respondents agree that their leadership skills improved as a result of participating in the programme

- 100% of programme survey respondents agree that their confidence as a leader improved

- 87% indicated that their team members have noticed a change in their leadership style

- 100% felt that the programme was a valuable investment



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