Anglian Water


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With extreme weather conditions constantly fluctuating, Anglian Water were challenged with securing all water supplies for their customers.

As leaders within a utility now sought to become advocates for water conservation, the leaders within AW needed to initiate and drive campaigns so that this message transpired to their customers.

Also, as they were a privately owned company, their regulators added pressure for them to keep costs down. Therefore, they needed to develop a strategic context to think through their challenges, and articulate their message to their customers and stakeholders.


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Anglian Water wanted to provide their leaders with the tools and techniques to think differently. Through revising leadership behaviours, they redefined what leaders were tasked to do in a behavioural sense, and how their effectiveness would be measured.

We established the ‘Why Should Anyone Be Led By You’ programme, starting with individual leadership assessment, creating a personal development strategy for each leader.

To do this, we tailored development opportunities through multiple development approaches, from formal instructor-led programmes, to individual coaching.


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Significant changes in the behaviours of leaders who participated in the programme were made. Since the programme, they now think differently when approaching certain situations, and have effectively become more effective as leaders than they were before.

They trust more, delegate more, and lead more.



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