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Faced with an increasingly competitive market and an ever changing structure within their industry, our client has seen new, powerful competitors emerging over recent years.

This effectively called for GP Strategies to provide a programme which not only lead a culture of change, but ensured that the client retained a market leadership within their industry.


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One-day, high-impact conferences were developed for the clients top 100 leaders to raise awareness of the strategic shift they were experiencing. The ‘Challenges of Leadership’ workshop, and ‘Leading Culture Change’ workshop introduced new and challenging perspectives through quick and engaging inputs.

We facilitated a process for leaders to apply their insights to themselves and the leadership challenges that they faced. We introduced processes for the client to explore how they might make a difference in their parts of the business, along with how they needed to work together across boundaries and functions to make this happen.


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The sessions helped to connect people across the different business areas, leading to a number of cross-disciplinary initiatives which delivered valuable changes in the business.

It also raised the collective leadership capability, with people taking on board the challenges and the response required of them and their teams.



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