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The client was undertaking a strategic a strategic culture change called ‘People in The Lead’ which reoriented its approach to leading with confidence, not control with it's customers and stakeholders.

As a result, there was a recognition of the way the organisation needed to change its culture and leadership development. There was OD work being done to assist the organisation to change its ways of working externally and internally. The CEO wanted to accelerate this change with its middle to senior managers through a leadership development initiative which would work on strategic issues and challenges, as well as empowering people to change how they lead.


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The Catalyst programme was created and co-designed as a 6 month leadership development journey comprising of 4 one-day workshops.

We led 3 learning hubs of 6 people, along with 1:1 coaching. Learning hubs were based on facilitated action learning groups who have meet for 2 days. 1 day was self directed, addressing business challenges and inquiry topics, and the other was with a GP Strategies facilitator who led them through innovative self development approaches.


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Catalyst has changed the organisational language and approach to change though the self development of a leading group of managers, and the cultural and strategic issues discussed.

A strong alumni group facilitated internally has developed the conversation on culture and leadership, and contributed to the Leadership Forum for all leaders.

As the organisation continues to evolve, the leadership and change skills acquired have supported people through complex transitions, and have reinforced change to a more dispersed way of working.



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