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Our client had previously implemented the Ulrich model in reorganising their HR function, and set up a very effective HR systems approach with Business HR partners and Operational HR.

However, this change operated globally and required learning new skills along with new ways of working together more effectively as roles changed.

This meant that the interfaces between roles and the collaboration between roles needed to improve.


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GP Strategies designed, developed, and ran a 3 month development process for over 100 HR Business partners to help them shift from operational to strategic HR.

The programme involved three 2-day modules covering the transition in role, increasing authority, presence and impact, building a partnering relationship, and choosing change and design strategies.

We worked with HR Directors and teams in Finland to make the global HR model of Business Partners, Operational HR and Centres of Expertise/Shared Services work more effectively. We facilitated a 100 person conference where all HR roles grasped what was working, why it worked, and identified any difficulties.


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The result of the programme showed an increase in HR confidence, whilst participant feedback indicated that the skills they developed had helped them tackle complex challenges.

Results from the conference included job rotation to improve career development; a clearer road map for HR; and an understanding of how to manage boundary issues with management teams. People valued the open discussion between different parts of HR.

For the business partners, there was a ‘letting go' of operational roles; trusting colleagues to take them on, and understanding how they could work together and agree boundaries on their respective roles.



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