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Our client had previously sourced and managed their coaching locally. This had several disadvantages; it was uncertain whether they were making the best choices in whom to invest, and whether coaching was the right approach.

Coaches were working to different standards and approaches, the quality and its impact varied, and there was limited visibility of the costs incurred or benefits arising.

In line with a shift to global integration in its learning management, the client needed to introduce a new coaching strategy to raise the quality of internal coaching and maximise their return on investment from external coaching.


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We provided an Executive Coaching Service which sought to find high quality coaches in response to our client's needs. We provided a business case process to clarify the purpose on investment, connected executives with suitable local coaches working to a global standard, and integrated the client’s existing coaches through a simple assessment process.

We harvested organisation learning from the coaches to create additional value, and provided central management and reporting to track activity, investment, and outcomes.


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The service has been withstanding for several years, and we now coach executives across 23+ countries in Latin America, Asia, USA, Middle East, Africa, and Europe.

We generated organisational learning from across the multiple conversations to feedback organisation patterns to inform the OD/L&D agenda.

In a survey, 100% of executives would recommend the ECS given their experience.



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