Global Tier 1 Bank


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Our client was looking to differentiate their PCM service in a marketplace where products and technological platforms are extremely uniform. The strategy was to make client service staff more impactful on client relationships.

By moving to a more relational engagement with clients, the team could then differentiate the PCM service and start to positively affect their current share of client wallet.

Investing development in a lower overhead group would provide cost effective impact, without the engagement of additional highly skilled Relationship Managers, focusing only on relationship build.


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Bath Consultancy Group ran a series of 2-day development events across all levels of the PCM client teams.

BCG custom-designed a programme utilising a mixture of connected models and small group learning, covering subjects such as personal Authority, Listening and Questioning Skills; and how to grow transactional client relationships into true partnerships using our ‘four box’ model of client relationships.

The programme captured the knowledge that already exists in the groups by strengthening internal relationships, and providing a unique environment to practice new interactions around the models introduced.


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Our approach was designed to shift behaviour, change how relationships were seen and felt, and to help client facing staff ‘be in the moment’ with clients.

Our client now has an engaged service team that are able to differentiate their service based on the relationship their clients enjoy with them.

Communication is no longer centred solely around problem solving, but around partnership, with PCM being seen as a valuable part of our client’s business.



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