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Our client was looking to not only create a shift in the culture of their business, but also wanted to develop the capacity of leaders at various levels to create this shift, including their ability to modify their own behaviour and engage with the people around them.


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We developed 2 programmes to help build a successful coaching culture. ‘Performance Coaching’ enabled leaders to have coaching conversations that built understanding and awareness, whilst ‘Transformational Coaching’ developed the capabilities of the leaders to engage with people more effectively.

We took 2 approaches to develop leaders, specifically at and around MD level. Our Leadership Insights Process pushed leaders to develop an insight into themselves in order to become more resilient. Our Team Development approach then drove teams to become effective agents for change and business performance improvement.


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The learning processes had a significant impact at individual, team, and organisation levels. The programmes were widely regarded as the most impactful of learning processes among a number put in place in the bank.

At an individual level, there were many examples of people making a significant shift in their leadership approach and creating very tangible and positive impact in both people engagement scores and business performance.

It has since been taken up and recommended by people in all major centres around the world.



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