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Mid level leaders in the NHS lead across a complicated system with multiple stake holders. Often leaders have responsibility for implementing significant change programmes without having managerial accountability.

Our client wanted to enable their leaders to understand their system and stakeholders to implement transformational change. They also wanted to equip leaders with the ability to have transformational conversations at individual, team and organisational levels.


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A custom six day programme, divided into three 2 day modules run over six months.

The modules focus on:

- Leadership challenges and authority; presence and impact

- The leader as coach and transformational coaching

- Increasing accountability and challenging conversations


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The programme provided participants with a structure to enable them to prepare and practise strategies to address a number of issues in the workplace:

- Participants experienced the usefulness of preparing for a conversation, resulting in a better, more thoughtful approach to conducting the interaction, a change in behaviour, better organisation and clarity on the outcome

- The skills acquired improved the implementation of appraisals by focussing on objectives and behaviour, supported recruitment of staff based on their values and skills



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