Global Tier 1 Bank


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With a step change in their strategy and completely new markets and regulatory environment, there was a need for teams to increase their collective effectiveness and take their team performance to the next level for the bank.

This included teams being able to tackle opportunities and challenges that are associated with change, and build a deeper understanding of self and of each other, therefore raising the quality of collaboration within the team.


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1:1 personal development consultation with the facilitator/design consultant Bespoke design workshop with the following content:

- An understanding of how to achieve growth objectives and contribute to cultural change

- Shared responsibility of increasing effectiveness

- Understanding the motivators which influence behaviour

- Reflecting on how their identity is relevant to business growth

- Strategic conversation techniques

Individual follow-up sessions with team members to embed behavioural changes.

Follow-up team session approximately 2-3 months to review progress and give feedback.


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Team members have become clearer about their accountabilities and what they have to deliver, both personally and collectively with agreed ways of working and collaborating together.

Participants shifted from driving their own functional area, to being collectively accountable and working collaboratively to execute the top 10 goals that are required.

There has been an increased level of confidence in the team to deliver both the BAU goals and the change agenda. Confidence has also grown in how they collectively operate.

The team were able to interact with increased capability in supporting and challenging each other constructively, and directly.



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