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When Eisai found that the career needs of its own employees were not being satisfied, they strove to make a change. Whilst the company had many supportive resources to help better employees performance, many didn’t not about such resources, or how to access them.

The goals of Eisai’s career development was to:

- Ensure employees felt valued

- Help employees see the growth and career opportunities that were available

- Make Eisai’s Talent Management System, tools, and resources more accessible


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For individuals, Eisai introduced GP Strategies’ ‘It’s Your Career’ programme, where employees participated in either a one-day in-person workshop, or a four-hour virtual workshop for field-based employees. The objectives were to help employees understand the core components of effective career management, to support them as they learn how best to satisfy their values, and to identify strategies for researching potential career moves.

Self-Directed Learning Resources were provided to support the workshops, including an ‘It’s Your Career’ employee guide. Managers also embarked upon mandatory workshops titled ‘Managing Careers: Yours and Your Direct Report’s; to ready them in their leadership role.


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Many employees reported a new understanding and appreciation for the need to take charge of their own development after the programme. Managers understood their role in aligning organisational and individual interests, recognised how to conduct a career conversation, and appreciated their coaching legacy.

As a result of the programme:

- 78% of employees had put a meaningful development plan in place

- Employees continued to engage in career conversations with their managers

- Managers were continually tracked to attend the Managing Careers workshop and, to date



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