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Image of Chris Smith

Changing Culture to Lead the Future

Presented by: Chris Smith



In a rapidly changing world, we are seeing an ever greater focus on the role of organisation culture as the main competitive differentiator, and the continuing need to shift culture to adapt and to lead in the marketplace.

Listen to our 20 minute webinar with Chris Smith, Director of Strategy, Leadership, and Culture, as he focuses on the challenges of energising culture change in organisations, identifies ways to lead this effectively based on experience, and explains how he works alongside businesses as they step-up to the challenge.

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Image of Peter Hawkins

Becoming a Purpose Led Organisation

Presented by: Peter Hawkins



Listen to our 1 hour webinar with Professor Peter Hawkins - world leading consultant, writer, and researcher in Leadership and Organisational Development as he outlines the key steps to becoming purpose led, and shares how he has used these to help very different organisations transform their collective sense of purpose and their business impact.

This is the first of a series of four valuable webinars on ‘The Secrets of Business Transformation'.

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Image of Paul Matthews

Learning Transfer Tips & Tools

Presented by: Paul Matthews, CEO of People Alchemy in partnership with 

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Listen to our 1 hour webinar recording with Paul Matthews, Founder and CEO of People Alchemy, as he delves deep into the metanalysis of over 100 years of research into learning transfer, and draws out some of the top tips and tools you can use for your organisation.

Here, he focuses on the Fogg Behaviour Model, examining why mindset matters in relation to learning transfer, and explores what the culture of an organisation should expect from an individual following a training course. 

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