Solving problems is in our DNA.

For us, our first point of call is communication. We will work with you to understand and highlight what is expected at each stage of the journey. This involves working directly with your teams and SME’s to establish their roles and responsibilities, but also with your audience. We will continually communicate with those that your business is targeting to ensure we are adapting our approach to accurately meet their needs and requirements.

Fundamentally, we want to help tell your story, and bring to life the learning experiences that drives your business forward.

Our Architects not only have backgrounds in learning, but also bring with them experience and understanding from Behaviour Science, Research, Innovation, Engineering, and various Design Disciplines such as Design Thinking… so you could say that working lean and efficiently whilst solving problems is in our DNA.

Together we make transformation happen.

Design as a Way of Thinking Video Series

Speculative Design | 4 'P' Framework

Danny Seals, Director of Design & Experience EMEA, identifies how the 4 'P' Framework can help organisations pivot and change so that they are future ready.


Employee Experience

Craig Stokes, Learning Architect, explores how by aligning your business outcomes, knowing who your influencers are, and by being future focused, you can ensure that your learning design sticks.


Behavioural Science | Nudging

Laura Barrett, Learning Architect, addresses how nudges can change behaviour within the learning space.

Learning Performance & Innovation

Tim Brind, Learning Architect, discusses the importance of learning, performance and innovation, and how they can all affect your workforce transformation.

Understanding Design Principles

Danny Seals, Director of Design & Experience EMEA, outlines his top three tips in understanding and creating design principles.