We provide full translation packages and services tailored to your regional requirements, allowing solutions and learning to be delivered worldwide.

Our translation team

Our dedicated team work with industry-leading translation partners, providing global clients with an excellent and high quality end to end service; along with highly competitive rates.


Working alongside our design and development team, they can create solutions and learning from concept through to delivery in the target languages. Or handle localisation only projects from the source language.


Each project has an appointed translation manager for the duration of the project; working with stakeholders and client reviewers through all cycles to completion and deployment.


Our translation services

Translation management system (TMS) software is used to analyse content for quotation purposes, but all localisations are completed using native speaking translators - along with a thorough QA process - ensuring our translations are of an excellent quality.

Utilising TMS software also allows for translation memory banks to be developed for clients, realising cost savings on future projects.

Quality approved translators are able to work across a variety of industry sectors, including projects with confidential and restricted content and we offer translation services in over 50 languages.

Our translation services include:

Green tick bulletTranslation of documentation

Green tick bulletInteractive training

Green tick bulletE-books

Green tick bulletTranslation and rebuild of e-learning modules  

Green tick bulletAudio recording

Green tick bulletSubtitling

Green tick bulletInterpreting  

Green tick bulletWebEx Recordings

Green tick bulletDesktop Publishing

Green tick bulletVideo editing