On-the-job training services that leverage the intimate link between knowledge and experience. It is a process through which employees develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional educational approach.

Our on-the-job training approach

Learning at work is the backbone of GP Strategies’ philosophy in providing effective experiential learning solutions for recognisable performance improvement.

On-the-Job training, also known as workplace learning or experiential learning, is training that takes place in the workplace whilst employees are carrying out their jobs.  It is an effective approach for developing and growing people and their skills and it benefits both employees and the business.

Employees learn in the real work environment and gain experience dealing with tasks and challenges that they will meet during a normal working day. The business benefits by ensuring that the training is specific to the job and organisation’s culture and the trainees are embedded quicker. The employee gets hands on supervision by a colleague who can give direction there and then, using the equipment or tools they use day to day. 

It is widely recognised and when done well, it provides both the task and the context, and the learning achieved is powerful when used in conjunction with social learning and more formal instructor-led programmes.

There are several methods of providing on-the-job training, an outsourced on-the-job training programme designed by GP Strategies can ensure your teams are capable of:  

Having a coaching conversation which supports the development of competencies and skills; encouraging continuous improvement. 

For more information about coaching in the workplace, see our article on How to Build a Coaching Culture in Work Teams by David Clutterbuck.

Mentoring an employee to provide guidance and encouragement. Helping to develop solutions to career issues. David Clutterbuck discusses mentoring programmes and effective reverse mentoring in this article.

Work shadowing to enable the transfer of knowledge and expertise.

Observation which enables identification of skills or knowledge gaps through quality monitoring.


On-the-job consulting 

Following an in-depth training analysis by our learning experts we will design an on-the-job learning programme to meet the objectives of your on-the-job training management teams. 

Carefully planned training makes learning easier and more effective.



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