We recognise, along with organisations’ the power of bringing people together to learn new skills, practice and apply, and form new networks.


In an increasingly digital world, face-to-face training still has its rightful place.  Physical interaction is still one of the best ways to learn, communicate and form new connections.  Good relationships are developed through personal interactions, with the strongest connections made when there is time spent together.


And when it comes to face-to-face training our bespoke instructor-led training (ILT) delivers group synergy with real-time instructor feedback to learners. There is no boring, mundane PowerPoints here.  We employ engaging activities to increase participation and retention, such as:

Green tick bulletDiagnostic activities

Green tick bulletCompetitive games

Green tick bulletOn topic ice breakers

Green tick bulletRole plays


Green tick bulletSimulations

Green tick bulletLive environment practice

Green tick bulletExperts (live, remote or video)

Green tick bulletAction plan creation


Face-to-face training services


Our subject-matter experts can develop strategies to conceptualise and create the right kind of learning content for an organisation’s objectives. Many learners in a face-to-face training environment need to see information in order to retain it.

The majority better understand and retain information when ideas, words and concepts are associated with images. At GP Strategies we use effective visual learning strategies such as; diagramming, mind mapping and graphical organisers to support the learner with evaluating and interpreting the information.