Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Our Gamification Services can be used in business to enhance employee engagement, motivation, collaboration, performance, and learning and development.

Business gamification for learning


We create gamification solutions which enhance a company’s learning journey specific to their industry. It is not just about playing games (in some case it does not involve playing games at all). It’s about the application of game-design thinking to non-game applications, or a game based concept applied to content to meet specific learning outcomes.


Gamification design


We understand the value of game-based learning when designing learning programmes. Through gamification development, we can bring game design, logistics and thinking to life. Gamification can not only make learning more fun it can be an extremely effective approach for reaching learning goals.

We’ve created a number of gamification learning solutions for clients and our Gamification e-book gives an overview of insights into the use of gamification for learning and development.






GP Strategies earns Brandon Hall Silver Award:
Best Use of Games & Simulation for Learning.


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The questions L&D should be asking about designing games for learning.


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