Analyse your current coaching techniques to create a sustained and effective coaching impact.

Developing a dynamic team takes time, and should take a collective and individual approach. Creating shifts in both personal and collective behaviours will heighten and maximise business performance.

As leaders in systemic coaching with senior teams, GP Strategies will work with the complex frameworks that play within a team and across its stakeholder communities.

Our highly effective diagnostics will consider the current performance of the team. Based on this, we offer tailored frameworks and approaches suitable for you to modify your team dynamic, connecting interpersonal and organisational perspectives to generate sustainable change within your business. Our global network of highly skilled team coaches will be readily available, with experience of working with senior teams and boards.

Sustaining coaching impact

We offer coaching circles and group coaching to help strengthen and sustain the learning gained.

Team coaching process




Exploding lightbulb

Energiese business performance and change through team coaching.


Archery target and arrows

Team coaching to align culture and team leadership with strategy.


Coloured threads

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