We improve performance at all levels by addressing the defining factors that truly engage employees.

Our study has revealed that only one in three employees are fully engaged at work, prompting the belief that businesses must be doing something wrong.

Whilst managers should understand that engagement is shaped by individual values, aspirations, interests, and talents, employees are ultimately in the driving seat, directing their own job satisfaction, engagement, and success.

Taking Control of Your Engagement is a programme that equips employees to take control of their own engagement levels and satisfaction through a blended learning approach.

By building insights and commitment, businesses can shape employee engagement, and effectively create a better culture.

Build engagement insights

Taking Control of Your Engagement can be specially tailored to incorporate data from GP Strategies’ employee engagement survey, along with other tools.

The interactive workshop and online class creates personalised action plans for each user. Employees can complete online reflection and assessment activities as pre-work, and will then use those insights to shape their learning experience, helping them create a personal engagement strategy.

Outcomes for employees include:

Green tick bulletAn understanding of what engagement is

Green tick bulletAbility to address and define their own levels of engagement

Green tick bulletClarity of personal values and job conditions that influence their work satisfaction

Green tick bulletInterests and talents aligned with organisational goals

Green tick bullet

Defined actions to increase engagement and satisfaction


Build commitment

Committed employees are fully engaged with utilising their own talents to impact the achievements of their organisation. Through our Taking Control of Your Engagement programme, we can help build a connection that benefits all parties involved and maximise performance improvement on all levels.




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Through a  planner, you will attain a thorough understanding of your own engagement levels.


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This programme explains the importance of engagement to gain trust and satisfaction.