We recognise the importance of giving your leaders a baseline awareness of themselves.

Understanding how they are perceived by others, along with a recognition of their opportunities can help develop an organisation significantly. The combination of the open dialogue and psychometric assessment tools we use significantly helps your people reflect and understand themselves more fully.

We utilise a wide range of well established, proven tools including EQ 360, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (Steps 1 and 2), Talent Q, and Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)to help meet the needs of your organisation.

Our assessment programmes suite includes:

Green tick bulletLeading Today’s People – This assessment uses a five-point scale to provide insight into an individual’s abilities in 48 leadership behaviours. It focuses on top leadership areas, along with potential areas for development.

Green tick bulletWhy Should Anyone Be Led By You – This pre-work assessment reviews an individual’s capability to meet the needs of their followers, and revolves around the CASE framework of Community, Authenticity, Significance, and Excitement.

Green tick bulletLeading Out Loud – A pre-work assessment that supports individuals when exploring the strengths of their leadership communication skills.

Green tick bulletDistinctive Leadership – A fusion of four separate assessments, including 360-degree leadership, high-potential team assessment, emotional intelligent assessment, and leadership profile assessment.

Green tick bulletHelping Others Succeed – A coaching assessment which sets a baseline of how capable an individual’s coaching skills are.

Green tick bulletInfluencing Across the Matrix – A diagnostic tool that enables participants to assess their relationships and measure the efficiency of their influencing abilities.

Green tick bulletTaking Control of Your Engagement – An assessment which strives to help participants recognise their current engagement status.

Green tick bulletManaging Personal Growth – A performance feedback tool incorporating elements of self-assessment and feedback from managers and colleagues as a performance feedback tool to understand opportunities and growth.

Green tick bulletIt’s Your Career – A self-assessment that explores the values, skills, and abilities that can better your career development work, including feedback from managers and colleagues.

Green tick bulletYour Career – Assessments for individuals to explore their career and to understand how they are perceived by others.

Green tick bulletBuilding Your Global Perspective – This includes a cultural intelligence pre-work tool.

Green tick bulletEQ – A pre-work assessment of emotional intelligence that prepares individuals for their EQ workshop experience, as well as one-to-one coaching.

Green tick bulletHandling Conflict –We integrate the Thomas Kilmann assessment within our workshop to support the exploration of how to handle conflict effectively.