Refining your employees professional progression through our unique development process.

Individuals at all levels should strive towards achieving the strategic goals of an organisation, especially during times of merging, expansion, and change.

Managing Professional Growth (MPG) is an employee development process, focusing on feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools. Through each of these, you will be able to deliver personal and professional goals simultaneously. Features of this process include:

Green tick bulletAn interactive workshop design

Green tick bulletOnline assessments and follow-up tools supporting ongoing progression

Green tick bulletActivities designed to emphasise organisational values

Green tick bulletReporting to track results and trends

Green tick bulletStrategic implementations that can be measured with pre- and post-Employee Engagement Surveys


Managing professional growth (MPG) outcomes

MPG has already impacted over 1 million participants. The programme enables employees to increase accountability, satisfaction and results. It helps create action steps and detailed plans for discussing increased job performance, satisfaction, and professional development with their managers.

Why use MPG:

Green tick bulletOwning your own engagement and success

Green tick bulletBuilds stronger relationships with managers

Green tick bulletOverall performance and satisfaction increases

Green tick bulletEnables an ongoing dialogue for discussing engagement, performance, and development

Green tick bulletEnhances focus and strategic alignment across the organisation

Format options

MPG is designed as a one-day instructor-led workshop. For organisations who wish to invest in their employee growth at a more advanced level, we also provide supplementary consulting and customisation capabilities, aligning MPG with reputable competency models and additional management processes.