Engagement is driven by individuals. At GP Strategies, we identify how employees can heighten their own awareness of what engages them.

The Taking Control of the Engagement Personal Planner is a tool that your in-house facilitators can use to create an engaging culture within your organisation.

Through a series of workbook activities, employees can explore the driving forces of engagement, and use these insights to develop strategies that increase satisfaction. Taking action of their own engagement, they will enlist the support of their managers or colleagues Outcomes include:

Green tick bulletA detailed understanding of engagement

Green tick bulletRecognition of their own engagement level

Green tick bulletClarification of the values and conditions that are effecting their satisfaction at work

Green tick bulletAlignment of their interests and talents with the goals of the organisation

Green tick bulletActions that can be taken to become more engaged

Why focus on individuals

We believe that each individual employee is responsible for their own engagement with their work. At GP Strategies, we provide employees with the tools and strategies they need to develop and progress engagement from all levels.

The Personal Planner helps employees recognise what truly matters to them, and effectively gives them the tools to control their own success, and contribute to that of their organisations.