We understand the importance of assessing your organisations capabilities, and strive to identify your current position, and better your future progression.

Assessing your organisational health and cultural dynamics is an integral element of business success. We use a wide range of assessment tools that are developed specifically for businesses embarking upon their organisational change journey, assessing their current positioning, and tracking their progression.

Cultural assessment and change

Many organisations fail to transition from their current culture to their desired one. Through various methods, we can uncover your true culture, and help you find the enablers for change by identifying potential obstacles that you could encounter.

The techniques we use range from descriptor analysis, structured interviews, and culture workshops, which help people draw out and recognise their own culture through interactive sessions.

Action research is just one process whereby we diagnose and help shift your culture. To address the concerns of people at all levels, we work with smaller groups throughout your organisation, including stakeholders, to experiment with alternate ways of communicating and behaving. Based on these results, we will then refine and develop your organisational strategy.

By using this action research approach, we consult with you to encourage leaders to adopt this way of leading, particularly in complex, challenging situations.

Culture assessment

As an organisation’s strategy changes, so must its culture. The daily behaviours and practices of an organisation need to align with a purpose-led culture in order to achieve high performance results.

To help generate this alignment, we offer a combination of assessments, focus groups, and one-to-one interviews that will help clarify and measure your organisations purpose, mindsets, assumptions, and values. Our culture audit includes the following:

Green tick bulletClarify - Determine your organisational purpose and values, both current and future.

Green tick bulletAssess - Align your business practices with purpose, values, and current behaviours.

Green tick bulletDetermine - Cultivate a strategy to address any gaps.

Green tick bulletCreate – Create an action plan that will implement that strategy, including leadership roles, behaviours, communication, and ongoing methods of success.

Green tick bulletConnect - Link your aspiring culture to vital indicators such as employee engagement.