We prepare both mentors and mentees for a productive mentoring relationship through our world-leading consulting capabilities in the design and implementation of mentoring schemes.

Good quality mentoring can massively effect employee retention and talent management, helping people grow and develop with the support of more experienced colleagues. 

Peer and reverse mentoring are now commonplace, supporting the creation of the rich learning culture needed for an agile organisation. This is in addition to the more familiar approach of experienced leaders supporting the career growth and development of others both in the business and outside.

At GP Strategies, we have the consultancy solutions to implement a full mentoring scheme, on its own, or as part of a broader leadership development and change strategy. We can help to create a relationship between mentor and mentee that is productive, profitable and resilient, through tailored workshops and digital resources.


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As leaders in the design and implementation of mentoring schemes in global organisations, we have the experience and capability to create the full design and deployment of mentoring solutions.

Our services range from design, launch and communication, training, continuing support, supervision, evaluation, and train-the-trainer sessions.


Our mentoring programme are specifically tailored to your organisational, mentee, and mentor’s needs. In return, you will receive:

  • An overall policy document detailing the role of mentoring, and how it will be used
  • Guidelines on the time commitments of the mentoring relationship
  • Questionnaires for mentors and mentees to assist the matching procedure
  • Supporting guidance materials on subjects such as mentoring discussions, contracting, and ethical boundaries via online platforms

Launch and communication

We can provide you with all you need to communicate what is expected from mentors in terms of skills, knowledge, experience, and attributes in order to facilitate the nomination of mentors.

It is important to be very clear about the how mentors will be selected; we help with the criteria that you will use for this matching. We can also do the matching if you would prefer to outsource this activity.


With over 20 years’ experience in delivering best practice training for both mentors and mentees, we understand what makes a successful workshop. For individuals, we propose a one-day workshop for those who are relatively new to mentoring, and a half-day briefing session for all mentees.

Our highly participatory workshops encourages participants to share their learning, questions, practice, and feedback with other members within these sessions. Backed by academic research and best practice study, our informative workshops use tried-and-tested techniques that are potent in achieving results. Our content includes:

  • The mentor and mentee role
  • The mentoring life cycle
  • Focus on contracting for the mentoring relationship and for each session
  • Key models to guide the mentoring conversations
  • Skills practice and feedback
  • The opportunity to answer any questions or concerns

Continuing support

Although many mentoring relationships are self-manageable, we believe that you should have a local mentoring champion stationed at each major location to deal with urgent questions and queries with a rapid response.

We will offer guidance during the selection process of these individuals, and will establish an online platform to deliver extensive background and toolkits for mentors and mentees alike.


Supervising mentors should be an integral part of your mentor/mentee relationship, as this will profit all parties involved. All participants should examine their practice and relationships so that they can increase the quality of their outcomes.


Through our extensive experience in evaluating mentor programmes across the public and private sectors, we use our expertise to customise a questionnaire that evaluates the satisfaction of the mentoring programme, along with business results.

This will include the evaluation of the training, the frequency of mentor meetings, the value of the mentoring, any challenges that arose, along with any improvements that are required.


Whilst training internal resources to deliver mentor and mentee training can be cost-effective, some organisations prefer to outsource external specialists to provide training.

Depending on your preference, we will partner with you to create a solution that's best suited for you.




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Professor David Clutterbuck discusses the two main forms of reverse mentoring.


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