Shaping the way leaders recognise the importance of leading and developing others.

It is vital for leaders to recognise how to actively inspire and support not only their employees, but also multiple stakeholders. To build a high-performing leadership team within an organisation, leaders must be aware of the different stages of developing others in order to understand their own needs as a leader.


Our programmes help leaders map their own ecosystem, key roles and relationships that they are required to manage. Through 360 feedback and individual personal development consultations, leaders can identify the shifts they need to make in line with the business, their team and their peers.

Our core leadership programmes are designed for director level within global organisations. They are built on company values and strategic changes. Our programmes include:

Green tick bulletLeading Self - Understanding yourself, develop resilience and exploring how to make choices about how to respond rather than simply react to situations 

Green tick bulletLeading my Leadership Team – Building trust and managing conflict by addressing live team issues

Green tick bulletLeading Across Boundaries with the System – Developing an authoritative presence through influencing across boundaries


Leaders can embed their learning through continued intensive coaching circles. We offer a selection of programmes that leverage both industry and bespoke content, helping equip leaders to build high-performing teams. Our programmes include:

Building High Performing Teams – Through a F.O.R.C.E model, we create a tailored programme to show how team interventions, a compelling purpose, and setting key outcomes increase performance.

Building Your Global Perspective – A full-day experience that is designed to develop global leadership principles of learn, understand, practice, and apply, which are then integrated into their leadership approach.

Distinctive Leadership – A senior-level experience which helps unleash strategic advantages of leadership through assessments, executive coaching, personal experiences, and ongoing peer cohort coaching to generate a sustainable shift in your leaders.

Everyday Coaching Conversations – Develop your managers’ coaching skills so they are capable of managing quick, spontaneous conversations with their employees.

Leading Out Loud – A leadership workshop which applies key leadership concepts in real time, developing communications tools for inspiring action.

Transformational Coaching – Evolving leaders’ capacity to have coaching conversations that create immediate impact and lasting transformational shift.

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You – Demonstrate to leaders how to communicate authentically to their followers to create an engaged and excited workforce through leveraging real business issues.