With over 40 years’ experience in leadership development, our programmes will help you recognise the importance of leading others.

Leaders can develop and refresh their leadership qualities through a multitude of programmes and initiatives, from digital learning, to bite-sized learning modules, and face-to-face skills practice.

Our team provide leading edge digital design and can programmes that support your leaders using our global technology partners, that include Work Day, Share Point, Degreed, Edcast, and Pocket Coach.

We customise learning programmes to suit your needs, from webinars, to face-to-face modules and platform-based learning activities. They also include engaging and pragmatic workshops to practice key skills on real-life situations, developing strategies for your own change behaviour, and helping you recognise the importance of leading others.

Our programmes include:

Building Generational IQ - Combining both personal and organisational competence in managing and engaging different generations.

Building High Performing Teams – Create and sustain an effective team through team interventions, compelling purposes, and key outcomes.

Everyday Coaching Conversations – Develop your managers’ coaching skills so they are capable of managing quick, spontaneous conversations with their employees.

Helping Others Succeed – Supporting leaders at all organisational levels to engage in employees’ individual performance, engagement, and career coaching.

Influencing Across the Matrix – An interactive workshop that provides the knowledge and skills needed to help an organisation reach its maximum potential.

Leading in a Virtual Environment – Apply critical management fundamentals, tools, and strategies to actual virtual leadership situations through an interactive global leadership development workshop.

Leading People + – Providing managers with skills and strategies to engage and unleash the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of their employees.

Leading Technical People + – Designed to equip managers with the technical leadership skills and strategies to engage their employees’ specialised knowledge.

Performance Coaching – Evolving skills to coach and maximise performance through various coaching approaches including challenging conversations.

The Leader in 2025 – Assisting leaders identify and understand workplace trends, such as multi-gen workforce, wearable tech, social media, globalisation, virtual teams, social learning, gamification, that are impacting businesses today.

Why Should Anyone Be Led By You – Using real life business issues to support leaders when learning how to adjust and communicate authentically with their followers to create an engaged and productive workforce.