With a proven track record of developing and co-designing customised leadership initiatives, we are positioned to develop leadership programmes that produce bottom-line results.

At GP Strategies, we have extensive experience in developing and co-designing customised leadership initiatives that have the capacity to support and develop culture change and strategy.


Through our consultative approach, we address your organisational needs, from designing overall leadership frameworks to specific leadership programmes. We help you develop:

Green tick bulletA full understanding of the context of current changes and transformations within your organisation, along with increasing your capacity to recognise how a leadership framework and programme design needs to address such changes

Green tick bulletYour ability to use interviews, focus groups, and workshops to engage stakeholders during a time of design and implementation

Green tick bulletA continuous strategy review with your team during the design process

Green tick bulletAn understanding of how to recognise the integration needed between face-to-face development in relation to the latest digital and social learning technologies so that you can maximise learning in real time


We recognise that leadership development is relationship-based, outcome-focused, and integrative. As a result, we are happy to work collaboratively with other providers, and  to connect the work that we are doing with other initiatives within the organisation.

Our consultative approach encourages curiosity, collaboration, and co-creation. We integrate digital learning into real-time learning approaches, and engage with senior stakeholders in diagnosis at the start of projects. We will work collaboratively with your internal steering group so that you receive extensive support and development opportunities at every stage.