Leading others is the backbone within any successful leadership role, however, leading yourself is the foundation of how you can actively progress your resilience, emotional intelligence, and career growth.

Recognising your responsibility as a leader to develop yourself in your role is crucial for both your personal and organisational performance. Using emotional intelligence can generate wide range  of benefits, helping leaders lead themselves, stay engaged, and create a wider consciousness of their career choices.

At GP Strategies, we offer a variety of customised programmes to help leaders in their roles, including:


Accountability – Teaching the importance of the skills and attitude necessary to create an accountable organisation.

Authentic Leadership in Action – Developing leadership that is relevant to a complex and challenging role and current business challenges.

Emotional Intelligence – Teaching leaders to recognise and manage emotions in themselves and others, and furthering their ability to make effective decisions, build relationships, deal with stress, and cope with change.

Engagement – Through a blend of consulting and core tools and processes, such as surveys, self-reflection, career clarity, and feedback, this course helps employees become more actively engaged.

Handling Conflict – Teaching the skills and perspectives that are necessary to effectively manage conflicts within the workplace.

Personal Resilience – Enhancing personal resilience as a leader by working in challenging, uncertain situations.

Problem Solving – Helping participants proactively identify problems, state identified problems, state their most likely cause, and create innovative solutions.

Your Career – Access to blend of tried-and-true components of our career development approach, to focus on values, as well as the need for an action plan.