With over 40 years’ experience in leadership development, organisational development, and coaching, we are qualified to enhance your leaders coaching skills.  

It is widely recognised that for leaders to succeed, they must have the capacity to coach others effectively. At GP Strategies, we offer several coaching development programmes, designed to release the potential of others so that they can collaborate efficiently to find solutions that meet organisational needs.  

Effective leaders incorporate coaching directly into the way they lead, and strive to turn ordinary interactions into productive, developmental opportunities.

Our Leader as Coach programmes provide leaders with the opportunity to learn, practice, and experience new coaching concepts, making it an integral part of their leadership approach.

We tailor, develop, and adapt programmes to the culture and priorities of your organisation, effectively growing your capabilities in virtual coaching, coaching for change, and coaching through challenging situations.

We offer standard approaches to coaching development:

Helping Others Succeed Icon

Helping Others Succeed
is an extensive, process-based coaching experience for businesses who are beginning to explore the effectiveness of coaching.

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Everyday Coaching Conversations (EC2)
is a relatively faster-paced approach for businesses wanting to apply coaching in a more flexible manner.

Transformational Coaching Icon

Transformational Coaching
is for experienced leaders and coaches to further their advancement as a coach.

Investing in Career Coaching programmes strongly benefits all areas of your organisation, from engaging employees more efficiently, reducing staff turnover by gaining a better understanding of their individual strengths, to giving leaders the competence and confidence to participate in career building conversations effectively.