High performance career coaching to equip your leaders.

We recognise the importance of a flexible leadership coaching training process. Our Helping Others Succeed programme incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning, and dialogue tools needed to equip leaders at all levels to engage in personalised, high-performance, career coaching.

Our modular workshop experience begins with two foundational experiences. The first module offers individuals an in-depth coaching assessment, allowing them to prepare for the oncoming coaching process. The second module introduces the CLEAR model, acting as a framework for a structured coaching interaction, and focuses on areas such as Impromptu Coaching, Coaching Through Difficult Situations, Performance Coaching, and Virtual Coaching.

Our training workshop provides leaders with an array of benefits, ranging from:

Green tick bulletImproved trust between employees and leaders

Green tick bulletHigher employee independence and decentralised decision making

Green tick bulletEnhanced leader/employee relationships

Green tick bulletAn improved understanding of what is most important to the organisation, the employee, and the leader

Green tick bulletHeightened career support

Green tick bulletImproved efficiency and utilisation of resources