Leaders must deliver business results in an efficient, effective way. From inspiring their workforce, to mentoring, supervising, and performing, leaders at all levels should strive to generate transformational change.

At GP Strategies, we understand the importance of leading high-performing teams, influencing others within the business, and engaging with external stakeholders. Our Executive Coaching Service (ECS) provides organisations across the globe with high-impact, one-on-one executive and team coaching from some of the world’s leading and most experienced coaches.

Our approach

Whilst coaching is generally delivered face-to-face, virtual coaching sessions are also readily available. After matching the coach and coachee, we will create and implement a tailored development strategy, hold regular transformational coaching sessions, review business results, and close with clarity about your future developments.

Our qualified, specialist coaches have proven experience across a multitude of sectors and industries, and will be monitored by an accredited supervisor, many of which have credentials in leadership assessments and psychometric tools.

They will work collaboratively with you to align our coaching with your business strategy, meaning your vision will always be integral within our plan.

Our programme brings many benefits:


Green tick bulletAccess to qualified, experienced coaches

Green tick bulletSummary reports on your coaching sessions

Green tick bulletAbility to align your coaching with that of your organisation and strategic development priorities

Green tick bulletProfessional supervision of all coaches

Green tick bulletAccess to the Outthinker Process framework, helping organisations to achieve company-wide strategic clarity

Green tick bulletHigh performance leadership assessments

Our executive coaching also provides a wider range of benefits for organisations, including:

Green tick bulletA greater capacity to align executives with strategic development goals, which effectively improves business results

Green tick bulletHeightened job satisfaction, growth of your employees’ talent, and reduced turnover

Green tick bulletIncreased senior team efficiency

Green tick bulletHigher retention of employees and key leaders



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