Helping leaders adapt their behaviour to meet the needs of strategic and cultural shifts.

Executive leadership needs to focus on orchestrating the business ecosystem through various groups within and beyond the organisation, from its employees and partners, to regulators, customers and competitors.

At GP Strategies, we know that enterprise-wide executives work in an environment of unrelenting challenge, divergence, and flux with dynamic markets. These factors increase organisational complexity, and are often on a global scale. That is why we help leaders connect shifts in their behaviour with the strategic and cultural shifts needed for future success. We do this through an array of different methods, coaching individual leaders, teams, boards, and leadership communities to:


Green tick bulletAdapt their outlook on strategic issues so that they gain new, valuable insights

Green tick bulletDeepen self-insight and strengthen  the way they feel about themselves in their role

Green tick bulletImprove their business awareness to enable them to lead  enterprise-wide 

Green tick bulletDevelop their relationship capacity to shift their teams and engage stakeholders

Green tick bulletIncrease authentic leadership, personal resilience, and well-being

Green tick bullet

Build on their authority, presence, and impact


Our capacity to develop CEO’s and executive teams has developed through extensive work with top 100 leaders in a wide-range of global organisations in different sectors. Our solutions typically involve a learning journey that may include:

Green tick bullet360 feedback and individual coaching

Green tick bulletTeam coaching in intact teams

Green tick bulletIndividual executive coaching from highly experienced coaches

Green tick bulletOn-line learning communities

Green tick bulletAction learning processes working on real business challenges 

Green tick bulletVarious leadership learning modules based on self, relationships, network, and systems leadership

Green tick bulletWorking the relationships between eg Board and Exec team relationships; other key stakeholder relationships