Energise and engage your leaders through change.

We understand that a strong organisational culture is a key driver for engagement. That’s why we strive to energise leaders and individuals by helping them to leaders understand the essence of change and reactions to it.

To fulfil this requirement, leaders must respond to resistance effectively, connect with stakeholders, and sustain a personal resilience in the face of conflict or opposition.

We raise the capabilities of individuals to attain such attributes, and effectively generate a strong culture of engagement as a result. By recognising that everyone is accountable for their own personal levels of engagement, we have developed the I-M-E model of engagement:

Green tick bulletIndividual Dimension – Employees understand their own personal levels of engagement, and recognise what motivates them

Green tick bulletManager Dimension – Managers are required and accountable for creating an engaging environment whereby all employees can thrive and be engaged

Green tick bulletExecutive Dimension – Executives are responsible for constructing this engaging environment through generating trust, inspiring and motivating staff, and destroying barriers to high performance