We recognise the importance of driving innovation, customer loyalty, quality, productivity, profitability, and retention of top talent in order to increase employee engagement.

Our Engagement Equations introduce managers to employee engagement, defining it through our straightforward X model. This explores why engagement should be crucially important to not just managers, but for organisations as a whole. It delivers actionable insights that can unleash the full potential of their teams.

Using a learning process that includes reflection, peer coaching, analysis, planning, practice, and action will help managers increase their capability to develop partnerships with direct reports, driving a more personally engaging relationship.

We offer a Managers Guide to Engagement - a programme to develop these skills and learn how to hold productive employee engagement conversations.

The challenge for managers

Developing a purposeful relationship with employees can be challenging for some managers, Engaging in performance management dialogue can be a challenge. At GP Strategies, we strive to align employees to strategy, helping team members find their personal satisfaction, and providing clear career development options. With the help of expert facilitators, managers appreciate the importance of communicating to their teams, and understand how to tackle engagement with their direct reports.

Outcomes of employee engagement training for managers

Achieving employee engagement is beneficial from both a personal and organisational perspective. Engaged employees are not only committed, but they are passionate about what they do, and endeavour to reach organisational objectives.

Our workshops support managers to facilitate increased employee engagement. It enables them to:

Green tick bulletUnderstand the importance of engagement

Green tick bulletRecognise their role as a managers, as well as understand the factors which effect engagement

Green tick bulletIdentify how to take control of their own engagement

Green tick bulletAscertain ways to grow the trust, confidence, and potential of their teams

Green tick bulletGrow the capacity to prepare a detailed engagement discussion with at least one employee through reflection and peer consulting

Green tick bulletDevelop the skills and confidence to create an engaging partnership with every member of their team


Our Engagement Equation book provides inside knowledge of proven management solutions, and how to implement them successfully. It explains the driving force behind employee engagement, and how best to meet your specific organisational requirements. Buy the book.