As experts in employee engagement surveys, we generate proven results by providing practical, actionable insights.

Surveys alone do not have the ability to transform employee engagement and inspire bottom-line results. At GP Strategies, we recognise that it’s people who have the capacity to drive change. That’s why we use best practices approaches to provide practical, actionable insights, along with an intuitive framework for driving shared accountability to grow everyday engagement.

Features of our employee engagement study approach include:

Green tick bulletA short survey of highly focused questions

Green tick bulletA framework incorporating our exclusive model of shared responsibilities across all levels of an organisation

Green tick bulletHighly consultative reporting processes

Green tick bulletStreamlined team-meeting guidelines

Green tick bulletOnline portals that support local commitments, ensuring managers take responsibility for working with their teams on engagement

Employee engagement survey implementation

Our surveys are designed to cater specifically to your organisational needs. Delivering concise, actionable analyses and recommendations through our in-depth, streamlined process, you will drive a culture of engagement.



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Actions: Creating a culture of employee engagement

Managers get the opportunity to explore what they can implement on a regular basis by attending a learning intervention based on our proprietary engagement model. We can facilitate this training, or certify your engagement champions to conduct the sessions.

Activities and workbook content cover:

Green tick bulletEngagement Fundamentals: Exploring what engagement is, why is matters, what drives it, and equally what hinders it, along with what the roles of executives, managers, and individuals have in regard to individual engagement.

Green tick bulletEngagement Essentials: How to create trust, build confidence, and unleash potential in support of improved engagement.

Green tick bulletEngagement Conversations: Practice coaching concerning individual team members’ unique engagement drivers through a structured meeting or through continuous, informal conversations.

Green tick bulletMaintaining Momentum: Strategies for ensuring commitments are met by the team for taking control of their own engagement.

Green tick bulletEngagement Tips & Best Practices: Ideas for addressing factors that influence engagement from career challenges, to employee involvement, development, and recognition.

Green tick bulletAppendix – Forms and References: Worksheets supporting ongoing action, including additional resources such as engagement research highlights.

Visit our online Engagement Portal to find out more.



Focusing on your business priorities, strategic requirements, and culture, we develop a true understanding of what your organisation stands for.

We collaboratively work with you to agree upon customisation aspects, demographics that shape reporting, external benchmarking sources, language translations, engagement champion identification, special requirements, communications strategy, and a schedule.

Communications and actions

We work with senior leaders to shape relevant communications to share with employees. Sharing the survey results, helps leaders encourage employees to take some ownership of the ‘engagement equation’.

These reports enable managers to conduct team meetings that have the ability to drive accountability and action. Through the online Engagement Portal, they will be fully equipped to summarise meeting outcomes, as well as provide beneficial feedback on the process.

Individuals at all levels should be expected to implement any identified actions, and managers should conduct follow-up meetings in order to track any progress being made.


From start to finish, we support you in the process of setting up your engagement survey. Using our implementation tools, we further your ability to lead communicative interventions, setting the context of the survey process.

Whilst you provide a list of employees, complete with email addresses, and information identifying their managers, departments, and divisions, we can then work with you to ensure leaders understand the roles of their employees in supporting the initiative.

Data collection

Employees will receive an engagement survey to complete. Responses remain anonymous and are provided in real-time each day. We then maintain a consistent relationship with employees with regular follow up communications.

Analysis and reporting

Our preliminary overview of survey findings allow us to identify elements that require attention within your organisation, effectively making recommendations that can be tailored to your culture.

An interactive presentation of findings is created for senior teams, with recommendations for organisation-wide action and plans.

We offer a variety of result-driven reports:

  • High-Level Organisation Report – Provides a summary of findings for an entire organisation
  • Organisation Summary Reports for senior Leaders – Detailed analysis of findings, insights, and recommendations
  • Spotlight Report – Colour-coded report, indicating favourability across demographics
  • Snapshot Analysis Reports – Specifically for managers with a team or six or more direct reports, comprising of actionable insights, interpretation guidelines, and recommendations for conducting effective team meetings to drive engagement levels


Managers will be prompted through the Engagement Portal to review and feedback on team meeting outcomes, and track follow-up meetings. These insights allow managers to share challenges and ideas with teams, subsequently driving a more engaged workforce.