Maximising Competence and Connection in a Digital World

New digital business models are disrupting the modern workplace, and changing the rules of how we operate. Employees and customers now want to interact with organisations differently. There are new social and digital tools which demand more authenticity, transparency, and immediacy. Leaders need to acknowledge and embrace this shift in order to adapt to this digital revolution.

Strong digital leaders understand the power of the information they are getting, and the messages they are sharing. However, digital business leadership isn’t about hiding behind data or social media. It’s about understanding if the information you are receiving is telling you about what your employees (or customers) are thinking, what drives them, and what’s important to them. It’s about sharing in a more unfiltered and authentic way.

It’s important to remind ourselves that the need for competence and connection does not disappear with the rise of digital leadership. It becomes even more critical. Great digital leaders will do what they have done for years. They connect with the mind, and lead with the heart.  

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