Crafting a coaching culture that generates productivity, innovation, growth, and sustained change.

At GP Strategies, we recognise the importance of coaching supervision, and the transformational impact it can create. It is our goal to support coaching wherever possible, and strive to provide expert coaching supervision for group training, mentoring, and consulting to ensure that individuals receive quality support and development.

Having an established network of on-site coaches within your own organisation can be a cost-effective investment for your business, and will allow a more progressive development plan for your employees through constant accessible support.

Tracking the relationship between the coach and coachee is vital to ensure that you are maximising your investment value. Our administrative support and skilled supervision will assist you in this process by measuring the progress and outcomes from both parties.

Coaching to Build a Competitive Advantage

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Achieving return on investment

Coaching takes time and investment, which is why we make it our mission to give you a return on this by monitoring the coaching approach, developing capability, and increasing the impact of coaching through a comprehensive supervision strategy.

Monitoring coaching quality

We support the ongoing supervision of coaches by implementing regular supervisory opportunities for coaches to reflect upon the impact they’re having on clients and to ensure coaching objectives are on track.

Drawing organisational learning from coaching activity

Coaching has the capacity to address the patterns and dynamics that may be hindering a business’ performance. The one-to-one conversations improve the effectiveness and productivity of coaching clients, and subsequently enhance an organisations agenda and strategy.

Developing coaching capability and capacity

Self-reflection is crucial for a coach’s individual progression. Through developing coaches, they will be able to provide better training to their clients, and help them achieve their personal and organisational aims.

Group Coaching

Our highly effective group coaching sessions create learning on a multitude of levels, as a coach, coachee, and even as an observer. We offer virtual group coaching workshops that focus on peer-to-peer assessment and development. These are highly effective sessions that enable coaching on real issues and allows participants to share experiences, receive feedback, and deepen coaching skills.



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