The impact of organisational change is inevitable; preparing for this transformation is essential.

Digitalisation, globalisation, and environmental sustainability are all factors causing industries to change and transform. Organisations need to be equipped and prepared to shift the culture of their business in response to these changes.

At GP Strategies, we recognise that an organisation’s culture must adapt and adjust if they are to achieve their desired strategy. Our work in transformational consultancy focuses on how you can achieve this shift in culture by identifying the scope of change needed, and ascertaining what cultural and leadership shifts are required in order to action this.

We identify your current organisational culture through a selection of tools, ranging from interviews, surveys, descriptor analysis, and focus groups, which then enable us to determine how to reach your desired culture.

Working collaboratively with you, we will help shape a successful culture that is prepared for future challenges by:

Green tick bulletCreating a sustainable, competitive advantage

Green tick bulletReinforcing brand integrity to ensure all members of an organisation represent their brand effectively

Green tick bulletEncouraging innovation, risk-taking, and trust

Green tick bulletForming a strong relationship between entire workforces and stakeholders

Green tick bulletAligning all employees to strive towards a shared purpose

Through real engagement with the business imperatives, current context, and unique change and transformational challenges, we help you achieve a solid shift in creating a forward-thinking culture.


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Change for sustainability

Moving towards a more environmentally sustainable business can be a challenging process. To transform organisational culture, you must reshape the mindsets and assumptions that are engrained within your business, and embrace a different way of thinking and working by allowing your own people to shape the future of the organisation.

Our consultancy work focuses on culture change challenges by exploring and embedding this approach within your business, and helping you achieve sustainable change for the future.

Merger integration

Many organisations fail to address the challenge of culture change. Understanding the importance of generating a new purpose-led culture that matches with the strategic demands of a newly merged business is what can make or break an organisation’s success. It must be fully recognised where the business has come from, along with the journey that needs to be taken to reach an advanced and improved culture.

This shift requires a series of interventions, including communications and engagement, as well as system changes that deal with all elements of people management and connections into the market.

Working closely with your in-house specialists and leaders, our consultants will collaboratively design and implement interventions to ensure that this shift is smooth and successful, tracking its progression as they proceed. We will also help your business respond to emergent needs that inevitably arise throughout this course.

Transformational change

Change is a complex journey. Even when stakeholders agree that change should be implemented there will be obstacles and challenges along the way From experience, we believe that coaching senior leadership teams is the greatest way to help a business focus on their transformational change.

We implement this by offering diagnostic reviews of your strategy, leadership, change capability, and stakeholder network so that we can gain a fully comprehensive insight into what is hindering your transformation. From here, we can effectively create a solution to overcome these challenges. Working directly with leadership teams, we create integrated interventions for both individuals, teams, and functions.

The best leadership development happens when communities of leaders actively working on the real change challenges and dilemmas in the business. We design and develop leadership solutions that focus on genuine strategic and change challenges.

By developing leaders who are actively working on real business dilemmas, you will successively increase their capacity and confidence to tackle these challenges.