Committed to creating, delivering, and sustaining strong career development.

Employee engagement and development can greatly effect an organisation. Those that are content within their role, and supported in what they do, are more inclined to remain at a business.

At GP Strategies, we are committed to investing in your career development, and recognise that career support is crucial to retaining and engaging employees.

Our Career Connections Suite facilitates corporate career planning and career conversations, and specifically modifies it towards your organisational needs, creating a lower staff turnover, higher employee engagement, and a more solid, confident culture.

We offer two separate programmes to aid you in achieving these goals; one for individuals to reflect on and explore their personal career progression, and another for leaders so that they are confident and capable to conduct frequent career conversations with their employees.

Our model of employee engagement

Effective employee engagement is a combination of two overriding factors; their contribution to the organisation, and their personal satisfaction, both of which are depicted through our model of employee engagement. By directing efforts in these two areas, you will engage your employees, retain them for longer, and generate a dynamic workforce in the process.




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