At a time of accelerating change, organisations continually need to develop and align their strategy, culture and leadership for business transformation.

This specialist GP Strategies Limited division is founded on the integration of our acquisitions of Bath Consultancy Group (BCG), BlessingWhite, McKinney Rogers and Clutterbuck Associates, creating a team that offers a full spectrum of Strategy, Culture Change Consultancy & Leadership Development services which include:




We offer specialist consultancy in leadership development, culture change and strategy. 

We work with the organisation as whole, with teams and individuals, to shift mindsets and behaviour for lasting change. 

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We do this by generating cutting-edge solutions that integrate digital and social learning, executive and team coaching, talent and leadership development.

This is underpinned by an exclusive resource of research-based learning and culture change approaches.  

We have extensive experience in making a difference at the executive level, with talent and broader leadership populations around the world.



GP Strategies named a Top 20 Leadership Training
Company by Training Industry, Inc.


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How embracing uncertainty could help organisations through transformational change.


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