The landscape for business is changing rapidly.

Business transformation is everywhere. As organisations embark upon their transformational journey, L&D leaders have recognised that they must also transform their approach to learning in order to keep pace.

The need to connect and learn from other industry professionals’ experience is a constant growing demand, and is something that GP Strategies recognises. Our Learning Transformation Breakfast series brings together learning leaders and organisations to collaborate and share insights from those successfully navigating the transformation journey.

We have hosted a range of learning leaders from Ericsson, PwC, Unilever, Learning Now TV and O2, who have generously provided their valuable knowledge and experiences around a range of topics from Digitally transforming L&D to Building a Learning Culture.

Future Proofing L&D

Hear insights from a variety of teen, marketing and sporting mindsets that share and challenge perspectives on the future of L&D.

Learning insights & trends

Insights and predictions from learning leaders on what trends to look out for in 2019.


Learning transformation in action

Hear insights from Ericsson, PwC and other learning leaders on strategies for embracing the digital transformation of learning.

Embrace innovation and agility

Hear insights from Unilever, O2 and other learning leaders on how to build a learning culture for the modern workplace.


Is performance support still relevant?

Change-focused leader Nigel Paine interviews GP Strategies’ Vice President, Matt Donovan to explore Performance Support and its relevance and importance in the digital landscape.

Creating a sustainable strategy

GP Strategies’ Vice President, Matt Donovan and learning thought leader Nigel Paine discuss the learning technologies ecosphere and how to create a sustainable strategy for transforming learning.


Learner-centric design

Hear insights on how to create innovative learning through learner-centric design and design thinking.


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#LearningTransformation in action



Learning Technologies Ecoshpere

Our top three takeaways from an interview with GP Strategies' VP, Matt Donovan, by Nigel Paine.


Breakfast seminar speakers

Insights and takeaways from our latest Learning Transformation breakfast.


Digital icons over an image

The relevance and importance of Performance Support in a digital learning landscape