We have experience implementing and supporting virtually every leading talent management system in the industry.

This depth of experience not only allows us to consult on the selection of talent platforms, but it also uniquely positions our team to provide a comprehensive collection of services that ensure our customers receive the largest return on investment possible from their enterprise technology deployments.

Our services include the needs assessment, architecture, implementation, integration and support of learning management and learning content management systems, as well as portals and social networking applications.

Learning technologies adapted to your requirements

We understand that different organisations have different technological needs and we adapt the way we deliver our solutions accordingly.

Our AGILE approach makes for a quicker and seamless platform transition, and as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Our experienced consultants will work with you to educate your stakeholders about the new platform, build the capacity of the internal platform administration team and communicate the change in platform to your organisation.


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Learning Management Systems

With years of educational, business and systems experience, our expert team are intimately familiar with a number of leading LMS' including custom-built solutions and lesser-known technologies - and are available to help solve your organisational learning challenges. At GP Strategies we maintain an agnostic position regarding specific products and technical solutions.

When implementing an LMS we believe it is vital to bring together stakeholders from various parts of your organisation: IT, learning and development, management and staffers to conduct discovery sessions to find the common ground to make holistic decisions and meet your organisation’s goals.

Technology demos

Educate required teams on LMS technologies and possibilities. On-site demonstrations to present the features of an LMS, how it could integrate into your existing organisation and show a return on investment (ROI).

Learning Management System consultation

Facilitation of a workshop - your team presents their learning challenges and goals - we can help clarify these challenges and focus on your goals.


Preparation of an LMS agnostic business and systems-analysis proposal - containing recommendations for streamlining processes and technologies for long-term success.

Content Management Systems

Successful companies are transforming their organisations with strategic technical solutions that improve customer experience and communication - as well as capturing, protecting, activating, analysing and engaging your business content to drive growth and profitability.

We match the right CMS to meet your needs.



GP Strategies earns Brandon Hall Bronze Award.


Learning Technologies Ecoshpere

How the learning technologies ecosphere is transforming the learner experience.


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