We can easily scale and recruit trainers and coaches to meet a global initiative or deployment. Our established network of learning experts and recruitment processes enable us to find the best subject matter experts globally for any delivery or in any language.

We can also help you manage and evaluate your in-house training delivery teams along with any independent vendor relationships you may have.

Our proven instructor processes and tools ensure success in the following areas:


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Resource level and quality

Our manual and/or automated processes via our vendor management system (VMS) provide you with the appropriate number of resources within your instructor base, all with the correct level of expertise

Sourcing and selection

Source yourself from our secure centralised database of vendor profiles within our VMS or we can do the selection for you, in addition we can help you build and execute a selection plan.


Our vendor on-boarding process scrutinises and verifies legal compliance requirements, thereby removing the risk of possible litigation issues to you, our customers (within our VMS this is an automated process).

We also ensure that new instructors understand your organisation’s processes and culture so that delivery to your learners is seamless.


Rigorous certification process to ensure the instructor maintains the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver the class/programme and to assess the participants’ understanding of the content.


On-going performance reviews are conducted and guidance is provided for continual improvement. We can manage the evaluation through tracking, trend and reporting for you or provide you with the tools so you can ensure your learners are experiencing the highest quality delivery.

Performance ratings and evaluations are dynamically updated in our VMS.

Contractor management

We manage all contractor agreements and ensure timely payments, this can be done manually or via our VMS. A consolidated invoice to you simplifies the process and saves you time.