Learning and development is fundamental for businesses who want to have a competitive edge in their industry, retain valuable staff, and maximise on skillsets.

Choosing to outsource to a professional organisation that offers managed learning services is becoming increasingly favourable as they offer a bespoke and high-quality approach to training needs, across multiple departments offering a strong return on investment and allowing clients to focus on more business critical activities.

Benefits of managed learning services

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Business efficiency

Having a managed learning service provider will allow you to focus on your core business, whilst training efforts are managed to support the goals of your business.

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Visibility of learning spend

The value of your investment will go further with managed learning services and there will be no hidden costs. All learning spend will be monitored and reported.

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Improve employee performance

By providing effective learning solutions that address the needs of your employees, you will improve their overall performance and productivity.


GP Strategies managed learning service benefits

Green tick bullet Free up time to focus on strategic objectives

Green tick bulletGain flexibility, quality, and cost management

Green tick bulletRobust governance and account management

Green tick bulletGlobal footprint

Green tick bulletStandardisation and consistency

Green tick bulletReporting that provides business insights

Green tick bulletAccess to World-class expertise

Green tick bulletGreater visibility of learning spend

Green tick bulletAligned with your business


Here at GP Strategies, we offer a range of managed learning services and outsourced training, acting as a single partner to your business to manage all aspects of your training and learning operations globally. We offer an established and flexible business model that provides proven and agile business transformation methods and approaches.

We cover a number of sectors within our managed learning services including:

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Curriculum/Content design, development and delivery

Adapting our model to meet your circumstances, we have a performance-centric approach to learning content design and development. Covering planning, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation during our systematic approach to training, we look to increase effectiveness, productivity, and results for your business.

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Learning administration services

Supporting you globally with training logistics, Vendor Management, learning management system administration, event management, programme management and instructor resource management. We will ensure that administrative and logistical functions are performed in a compliant and consistent manner.

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Learning technologies

We continue to invest in technology infrastructure that supports our customers. This includes investments in our proprietary Learning Resource Management (LRM) system, development of automated workflows, and through our Programme Management Portals.

In addition, we bring deep experience in learning technology and LMS consultancy. Our technology infrastructure is designed with operational excellence in mind. Our tools are continuously refined and will be bespoke to best meet our customer’s operational needs.

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Instructor resource management

With an established network of learning experts, we can find the best subject matter experts to meet a global initiative or deployment. We also help with managing in-house training, along with any independent vendor relationships you may have today. Our Vendor Management team are also experienced in sourcing, contracting and managing best in class vendors across multiple sectors.

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Learning innovation

We work closely with all of our customers to introduce innovation where it adds value, and provide fresh insights through research and sharing what works elsewhere. Our continued research and development focus enables us to stay at the forefront of new techniques and technologies and their application to corporate learning environments.

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Managed apprenticeships training services

We are passionate about helping you source, select, train, and enable your workforce through high quality apprenticeship management and training services.

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If you would like to learn more about our managed learning services and how we can support your outsourced training and learning needs, get in touch.